Tray - Mushroom Village


by Best Fiends

Remember that time when your best friend whined about the lack of trays? Yes, we thought of that too and here’s our answer. A tray! With a fantastic illustration of Mushroom Village PLUS you can see tiny Brittle on it! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Now go serve your friend!

Size: 11.02 x 14.17 inches
Weight: 0.66 lb

• All of our trays are Food Contact Approved.
• Tough trays, can withstand regular and industrial dishwashing in temperatures
  up 203 °F.
• Freezer friendly down to -4 °F.

• Trays are made using recyclable and sustainable materials.
• Worn out trays are sorted as combustible waste.
• No water is used in our production. 
• FSC®-certified

Illustration made by Eva Eskelinen
Hand Made in Sweden